February 1, 2010

Day #15 Of Early Intervention

Bye-bye "car"!! Lola's walker is no more. Paula thought she was too advanced for it and thinks she'll be more encouraged to just walk without it. So far Lo hasn't noticed that it's gone and I don't think she will. I hope. :) We have now moved to every 2 weeks of Early Intervention and last week was Paula's last day with us. BOOOO!!! Although we will miss her we're excited that she is moving on to bigger and better things. Good luck, Paula!! Our new therapist's name is Patty, another "P". She'll be coming next week to talk about things we can do to encourage Lola to walk. I'm thinking she's just going to do it when she feels like doing it. That's my Lo!

Now.....about last weeks session. ((sigh)) Lola was horrible. Just plain rotten! She screamed if we tried to make her do something, she screamed if I tried to put her down and she screamed just to be screaming. Unbelievable!  She refused to cooperate one bit. Poor Paula. I told her not to take it personally, Lola had just had a very tough week. She had been sick with a double ear infection and I had to take her to the doctor's office TWICE and then she had her laser treatment on top of everything else. She she was tired of people touching her. So it was an "o.k." session. Paula wants me to try helping her walk up the stairs holding one of her hands and having her use her other hand to brace against the wall while walking up. She hates it. -_- She just wants to crawl up the stairs and doesn't want me to help at all. I'm just going to let her go at her own pace and see what happens. We've already paid for the next 6 months of Early Intervention, so I'm going to let her take 3 weeks off and just forget about trying to "make" her walk and see what happens. Fingers crossed!!


3 thoughts:

Carlie said...

I think you're doing a great job. I might cry through an appt after a week like that myself. I hope her world (and yours) looks up soon!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thanks, Carlie! I try to do the best I can. She had just had it, I think. She's much better now, so I'm ignoring the whole thing and I've noticed she's letting go more, standing alone more and feeling more confident. I hope my ignoring it works cause my back is killing me!! LOL!

Amber said...

Oh Nina! She is just gorgeous! You are doing a fabulous job. You're such a great Mom. You've got a great outlook and a positive attitude. It makes all the difference. She'll get it.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog! You always put a smile on my face.