February 8, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Fresh Air!!

Today I took the advice of my virtual friend, Carlie, and I took my kids outside for a bit. It was cold, 20 degrees, but we did it anyways! It took me 20 minutes to get the kids all bundled up, but that was ok!! We took the dogs out, I let Lex herd them around for a little while, then I put them back inside and came back out till their tiny noses turned pink! It felt really nice. I'm probably going to do that every morning, if possible. I hate the cold, but my kids are so calm now, I was actually able to shower while they played quietly and not one incident!! I don't wanna push my luck though. LOL!!

I am so ready for Spring. I want to open my windows, go outside barefoot, take the kids on long walks to the parks and cookout!! I'm done with Winter, but unfortunately it is not done with us. More snow coming tomorrow night. ((sigh) So I figured I better get them out while I can. This is what's happening to my child due to lack of sunshine and fresh air......

Lola's New Trick! HAH!

HAH! Ok, so maybe she's just doing it to make us smile, either way, very funny and very cute. :)

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