February 17, 2010

Excuse Me While I Make Out With My New Camera

My hubby bought me the Nikon D90 and I LOVE it! I bought it on Sunday, got it on Tuesday. Doesn't get any better than that!!!!! I've already used it a lot and the pictures are amazing!! I need to read the manual, but reading something so complex with kids running around isn't the easiest thing. I need to concentrate. I'm thinking I'll ask Kevin to take the kids out for a while so I can get through it. I'm impatient though and just want to know everything right now! A friend of mine is coming over Saturday to show me a few things. It came with 4 lenses and 3 filters and I have no idea how to use them! He's a pro, so I'm sure he can give the the rundown.

I really should just take some classes. There is actually one starting in the Spring that I think I'll sign up for. And my boss just teamed up with a photographer to do some contest, cutest pets and such, and she said she'd be glad to take me on as an assistant (unpaid of course) just so I could get some experience. This really isn't the road I had thought I'd end up following, but I love taking pictures and I have this amazing camera, so why not?!

Here's a picture I took and all I did was resize it.......

You can really tell how reddish brown her hair and just how blue her eyes are!!!! I am in love. So much so, I've totally neglected the house today. HAH! I did give the kids a bath though, but they only had yogurt and Poptarts for breakfast. Shame on me. :D They'll live.

I'm going to be shopping for a bigger camera bag and some new lenses. I'm going to make a camera strap cover, because I'm crafty like that! If you're interested here's a tutorial at Design Sponge. Super easy! I'm borrowing my neighbor's awesome sewing machine because I don't have one. Hey, I'm not that domestic!

In other news.....I started Tweeting for money. YES! It's true! I've already made 2 whole dollars!!! YAY!! Here's the place to sign up at........


It's that easy! :)

Ok, time to pry the camera off my neck and get started on dinner. :) I might wear it to bed though.

3 thoughts:

Amber said...

I'm soooo excited for you! New cameras are always so much fun. I cant' wait to see more pictures.

Carlie said...

Yay for a new camera! I shall now live vicariously through you!!

Moooooog35 said...

OMG OMG OMG I want to tweet for money!!!

Oh. On Twitter.

Nevermind. Was thinking something else entirely.