February 23, 2010

How Fast Things Can Change!!

Last night while Lex and I were cooking together I thought to myself..."My goodness! He is growing up so fast, he's actually much easier to handle and so sweet. I've hardly had to raise my voice. I'm going to blog about it! He's FINALLY moving into the FOURS!" And he has been good! We think he's not acting out as much because he got his new glasses and can actually see!


He's just been sitting around watching SpongeBob, making me read book after book to him, playing nicely with Lola, and he's actually much more into our daily "school/art time". He's writing his name better, too! So here I thought things were going to be smooth sailing from now on. I thought he was actually growing up!! I thought we were moving out of the threes and into the fours! Then that all changed at bathtime and I knew that we were just moving into a different phase. Everything was great. He and Lola were playing nicely, sharing nicely and I didn't have to say a word to either of them. So I let my guard down and started brushing my teeth. That's when I noticed he was standing up in the tub with the rinse cup over his privacy. Yes, he was peeing in said cup! And I was not fast enough. Poor, poor Lola got pee thrown on her back. ((sigh)) Needless to say, bathtime was over. I wish I could say "I couldn't believe what he'd just done!" but that is totally something a boy would do. LOL! Gross, but true. Look, I know they pee in the tub. I know this! But what he did was going just a bit too far. I had to rinse her off, wash her AGAIN, then rinse her AGAIN then do the same to him. Just YUCK!

He kept apologizing, saying he was sorry, and I told him I wasn't angry with him, but that is just not ok. Bathtime was over. He was a little sad, but he got over it. And so far nothing else drastic has happened today. But then again, I'm at work. Who knows what poor Kevin is going through. I'm sure I'll hear of some hilariousness when I get home. :)

3 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

You can't tell a boy to NOT pee in a tub. It's like telling Sarah Jessica Parker to NOT be hideous.

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Hey, I'm all for peeing in the tub (I KNOW it happens), it's the peeing in the cup and then tossing it at his sister that I have a problem with. LOL!!!!!

Carlie said...

EEEEK!!!! *chuckling* That's amazingly wretched. Good thing pee is sterile and washes off perfectly.

It does sound like the glasses are helping a lot though! Congratulations on a great choice!