February 7, 2010

Old School Parenting vs. Modern Parenting

You know what I'm talking about! When I was growing up my Mom didn't think twice about spanking  me, telling me "I brought you into this world and I'll take you out!!!!!", she wasn't my friend and she reminded me of that everyday!! She would let my sister and I walk to the store alone to get her cokes and us ice creams. I don't think we ever owned a car seat and we rode in the car with no seatbelts or in the back of a pickup truck. I gotta admit, that was fun. Dangerous, but fun!! She smoked and drank in front of us all the time. She would let me drink sweet tea. She never supervised me while I brushed my teeth, which means I didn't half the time. We played outside till it got dark and we were not required to check in. I never wore a helmet while riding my bike. Nothing was childproofed in our house. My brother took a bottle till he was 4.......sometimes with juice in it. It was "Do as I say and not as I do!!!" in our family. We were taught to never question adults, they were right and we were wrong. We were to be seen and not heard, especially when we were out or we had company over. And last, but not least......we walked to school alone!!!! Sometimes our school was over a mile away and my sister and I would walk everyday, no matter the weather. I was 6, she was 11. Don't get me wrong, we were cared for. We had plenty of food, we were clean (unless it was Saturday, then I was filthy all day) and we had plenty of clothes and toys. That was just the way it was back then. At least for us it was. I think things would be very different for me now if I had grown up with a Mom who was a bit more compassionate and patient. But things weren't different and I'm having to teach myself how to be a "modern parent" with my kids. It's hard when you grow up one way and then are taught that hey, that wasn't the right way at all!! It's amazes me how far we've come!!

Nowadays we have timeouts, carseats till they're a certain weight and height and just rules in general!!! I read to my kids, I brush their teeth, I make sure they eat healthy meals, or at least I try to! My teenage daughter has a cell phone and checks in when she's out, she's home before it's dark in the Winter and home before 5 in the Summer. We pay for her to take the bus and I'll be driving the other two to school myself when it's time. We try to be firm, but loving in our home. I don't have all the answers, but I'm still learning. I might have all the answers when my kids all have kids of their own, and I sure hope that by then they'll finally listen to me. :)

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